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You’ve written or published your book: now what?

Your book is your baby. It is your gift to the world. You’ve spent many hours of your life learning and living what you’ve learned so you could write your book. Even if your book is not yet published (especially if your book is not yet published!), now is the time to think about getting it into the right hands. You know there are people who will benefit from reading your book. Where are they and how can you find them? 

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Krysta Gibson

Many people think all they have to do is write the book, get it listed at Amazon or Barnes and Noble or get it in a brick and mortar store and sales will pour in. They are quite disappointed when this doesn’t happen. Because there are more books being published than ever before and because of the ease with which people can buy books online, it is more important than ever to be strategic in how you guide your book into the marketplace.

Silver Owl Author Services gives you tools so you can be your own publicist. Generally, book publicists cost thousands of dollars a month for three or more months with no guarantee of books sales. Just like with publicists, Silver Owl Author Services can’t guarantee book sales: no one can do that. However, meeting by telephone or via Skype for five sessions over approximately a one-month period, I can give you tools that will increase exposure for your book making the probability of sales higher. The work we do together can support you in reaching your goals on all levels.

Here’s what I can do for you.

I will read your book.

This might seem obvious. How can I support you if I don’t read your book? Yes, I will actually sit down and read your book and I will do so from several different viewpoints. First, I will read it as a general reader would. Second, I’ll read it with the intention of writing reviews of your book. Third, I will read it keeping your press release in mind. And I will read it as someone who will interview you.

Each of these viewpoints is different and it is only by reading your book in these ways that I can help you with everything that follows.

Why am I the person who can help you by reading your book these ways? I am uniquely qualified because: I am an avid reader and have read thousands of books; as publisher of The New Times and New Spirit Journal newspapers, I have read and reviewed thousands of books; I have received and read hundreds of press releases and know good from bad; and I have interviewed hundreds of people for both print and audio interviews. I have also had my books reviewed and I have been interviewed and I am interviewed on an ongoing basis. 

There are not a lot of people, even business and writing coaches, who have these unique viewpoints to bring to the table on behalf of your book. Having these experiences and viewpoints means I can understand and work with your book in a variety of ways. This means I can bring an unusual viewpoint to our work together. 

I will help you come up with your plan to get your book noticed.

We’ll brainstorm together about who is in your tribe of potential readers and all the ways you can reach them consistently and long enough that they will want to buy your book and tell their friends about the book. We’ll look at things like: how to use the internet; your website; social media; book signings; giving classes and teleseminars; building your email list….and we’ll come up with an actual plan you can implement. This will be a plan that is unique to you and your book.

Many people try to copy someone else and sell their book the way someone else did. Sometimes this works and many times it doesn’t. Your book is unique and you are unique. We’ll design a plan that is uniquely yours, one that will work for you and your book…one you will want to implement rather than one you dread every day! Too often, people think they have to do things they detest in order to succeed. Although it is true you will have to stretch yourself in some ways to enjoy the success you want, we’ll design a plan that stretches you and that works!

Why am I the person to help you with your plan? Because I have worked with hundreds of holistic business people and authors over the past 30 years and I have seen what works and what doesn’t work. I have been in the trenches, side by side with people, shared in their struggles and their triumphs. I have owned and worked in a wide variety of businesses from small ones with incomes of $50,000 a year to medium sized ones that earned over three million dollars a year. I have worked with a wide variety of plans and bring to the table a background rich in knowledge and experience. I have self-published two books both print and ebooks as well as having had both books published by a traditional publisher in Spain. These experiences help me to help you.

I will write two reviews you can use: one short and one a bit longer.

Some media outlets will actually read your book and write their own review. Others will look at the book, decide their readers or listeners would be interested but they don’t have the time, skill, or inclination to prepare a review themselves. When you can provide them with a professionally written review, the chances of getting the review published increase substantially.

Why am I the person to write the reviews for you? Not only have I written hundreds of reviews myself but I have read too many to count. I know how to put words together that sell the sizzle of your book and make people want to read it. I know how to say just enough to grab interest but not so much that people get bored or feel the reviewer is just regurgitating the whole book. My reviews are interesting and fun to read. This makes people want to learn more about the book. This is the point of a review – to generate interest in your book.

I will write a press release you can use. 

A press release is different from a review. As the recipient of thousands of press releases, I have seen good ones and I have seen bad ones. I will write a good one that will get attention without being overbearing, giving too much information, or boring the recipient.

Why should I be the one to write your press release? I am a writer by trade. This is what I do. I know how to write information that gets people interested and motivated. Many of the press releases that are written are not read because the people writing them don’t know how to grab someone’s attention and keep it long enough to gain the reader’s interest. The whole idea behind a press release is to get the recipient to act by contacting you to carry the book in their store, for an interview, a book signing, a class, or to ask for a review book. I write press releases that get attention and action. 

I will interview you and give it to you as an MP3 file you can post on your website or other places.

This has a lot of moving parts. Not only will I actually interview you and provide you with an MP3 you can use to market yourself, I will help you learn how to be interviewed and I will practice with you so you feel comfortable with this process. There are tricks in how you present yourself that will make media outlets sit up and take notice so they will want to interview you themselves or post the one we’ll make together. This will be your chance to shine and I will help you learn how to do so effectively.

Why am I the person to do this? Trust me when I say there is not only an art to conducting an interview, there is an art to being interviewed. Unless you are used to being interviewed a lot, especially via telephone where you can’t see the other person, there is a learning curve to knowing how to project yourself through your voice as well as how to listen to the interviewer to avoid dead air and interruptions. By our producing an interview where people can hear you ahead of time, your chances of being contacted for an interview increase substantially. You can hear some of my interviews at in the audio section and you can hear some of my being interviewed at

I will help you write a question sheet you can give to potential interviewers.

Most interviewers want this so they are sure to ask you the best questions. This also helps interviewers who might not actually read your book. Yes, it’s true. There are interviewers who don’t read the author’s book. This is why it is important for you to guide them by giving them some good questions that will elicit the information you want to share.

Why am I the person for this job? After we’ve done all of the above work together, I’ll probably know you and your book almost as well as you do. And being able to look at your project through the eyes of an interviewer and a listener, I’ll be able to help you come up with the questions most likely to increase interest in you and your book.


After we have done our work together, we’ll do a follow-up session in about three months so we can find out how your plan is working and tweak it if necessary. At that point, we can continue working together as needed using my usual business mentoring processes.

Perhaps you are now asking: “I already have a business or writing coach. Why do I need you?” If your business or writing coach has the experience I do and can give you the unique products mentioned above, maybe you don’t need me. Maybe working with that person will meet your needs. However, if they don’t have these skills and background, then adding me to your team would be a wise decision.

Do you feel I can help you? If you think I can help you, and would like to discuss this further, email me at and we’ll chat by phone or Skype. If you are ready to work with me, I have a few questions for you that will give me some insights into your process. Then I can let you know if I think I am the person to work with you. You will also need to send me a copy of your book so I can ascertain whether or not it is the sort of book I can work with. 

What does all of this cost?

The fee for all of the above is $1100, payable in two installments. When you decide to work with me, the first $550 is due. When the work is completed after the five sessions, the second $550 is due. I take Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as well as checks.

Extra services:

For additional fees, we can produce the cover of your book, make it ready for print on demand services, design business cards, postcards, etc… to use in promoting your book and we can also design a website for you. Free estimates.

Ready to get started?

Here are the questions I need answered.

Here is where to send your book:
Krysta Gibson, 14911 Chain Lake Rd #431, Monroe, WA 98272

I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you the best with your book project!


Krysta Gibson

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