Yes, you want more clients and customers.
Yes, you know you need to market your business or practice.
Yes, you know you need a marketing plan.

You don’t get around to making a plan or don’t know how.

You market on the fly, hoping it will work….and it doesn’t.

Here’s the help you want.

This Marketing Boot Camp Audio Program is for YOU!

This audio version of the Marketing Boot Camp by Krysta Gibson has been designed so you can take full advantage of the information just as if you were attending the class in-person. Krysta has given this popular program to rave reviews because she makes the process clear, simple, and doable.

The program consists of nine program audio files and three reference documents given as PDF files. Krysta begins by explaining what marketing is and isn’t. She then walks you through gaining clarity about your vision and mission statement followed by the process of making a profile of your ideal client so you know who you are looking for and – more importantly – who’s looking for you!

Remember: you are the solution to someone’s problem and your job is to make yourself findable!

Next, she gives guidance on crafting your marketing message and walks you through 38 marketing ideas for you to consider, many of them low to no-cost options. Finally, she helps you make these ideas into a workable marketing plan you can use daily, weekly, monthly, and over the coming years as you grow your business or practice, change or enlarge what you’re doing.

You can use this program to get started and then come back to it to keep yourself on target and motivated. The entire program can be downloaded to your computer and then moved to your digital listening device if you wish.

Also included are PDFs of the forms you will need to follow along with the audio program and to make your marketing plan.

This program will give you clarity, tools, and motivation to follow-through so you can serve more clients and customers, so you can give your gifts and service to the planet.

And, as they say on TV: “But, wait, there’s more!”

To help you succeed with your business, Krysta is giving you four bonuses:

Embrace Your Day, Love Your Life – This is a 10-minute self-talk program that will help you reprogram your internal self-talk so you can more easily accomplish the state of happiness in whatever you are doing or becoming.

Removing Obstacles from Your Path – A 20-minute guided meditative journey that can help you blast away obstacles standing in your way.

Business/Career Success Journey – A 20-minute guided meditative journey where you are guided to the library of symbols where you meet and commune with two symbols who have information for you about your work.

Allowing Money to Flow – A 20-minute guided meditative journey where you are transported to a place where money, ideas, and energy fall into you and outward to the entire world. Feel inspired and energized to open your mind and heart to the flow of all kinds of prosperity in your life.

What does all of this cost?

Nine audio files, three reference documents and four audio bonuses could be yours for only $97, but if you enter the name KRYSTA in the coupon area on the order form, the entire program will cost only $77!

If you’re ready to attract more clients and business and if you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into the process, this Marketing Boot Camp could make all the difference in the world to you and to the people who are trying to find you!

Remember: you are the solution to someone’s problem.
Make it easier for them to find you!

Order right now and begin the download process!

Remember to put the name KRYSTA in the coupon space!

This program is available only as a downloadable program and not as a physical item. The files cannot be directly downloaded to a digital device. They must be downloaded to your computer first and then can be transferred to your digital devices.

This material is fully copyrighted by Krysta Gibson and cannot be reproduced in any form without her written permission. Doing so not only will bring you bad karma but also legal complications. Thank you!