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Each guided meditative journey is intended to lead you through an experience that can support you in your life. It is important to listen actively and participate in the journey. Then you will reap the highest rewards possible. While being made, the audios were embedded with the intention that each of them serves the individuals who would experience them. You can listen many times and be supported in many different situations.

Please do not listen to them while driving, using machinery, or otherwise distracted. You deserve to give yourself an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes to enjoy the experience. Adding an additional 10 minutes afterwards to debrief or make notes is recommended.

Note: These journeys are not self-hypnosis or meditation. They are not intended to replace emotional or medical therapies. If you have physical or emotional issues you are encouraged to see an appropriate service provider.

These products are audio downloads only and are not available as physical CDs. They cannot be downloaded directly to your mobile device. Please download them to your computer first. Then move them to your mobile devices. All recordings are fully copyrighted by law with all rights being reserved by Krysta Gibson.

Krysta’s Top Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Success

(Written in the spirit of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists!)

10. Do not change any of your habits. Are your habits helping you or hurting you? In order to make the changes you say you want in your life, it might be necessary to make adjustments to your habitual way of doing things. If you really want to sabotage your success, stay attached to the way you do things now and refuse to change any of your habits.

9. Live in the past or the future, never the present. As long as you continue to rehash the past, you will remain stuck. And as long as you think your good is only in the future, you won’t be able to be in the present where all good things happen. Do not live in the present and you can be sure you will not reach your goals.

8. Focus only on the outer rewards. You will never be satisfied if you keep your eyes only on the outer world, things like the new car, better job or relationship. Don’t pay any attention to your inner world, your soul quest, or inner visions and you will be sure to be unhappy.

7. Feel guilty as much as possible. You have probably done a lot of really wrong things so be sure to focus on them as much as you can. And when other people in your life try to make you feel guilty because you’re not doing what they want you to do, be sure to give in to them and roll around in the guilt. This is a great way to stay put in your life.

6. Be impatient. Try to always be in a hurry and push yourself to complete every project as quickly as you can. There’s never enough time anyway, so just rush through life without giving yourself time to think or to be. The extra stress that impatience causes is sure to add to your defeat.

5. Fear change. Change is hard so do your best to fear it and avoid it at all costs. Fear is one of those emotions you can’t get enough of so be afraid as much as you can and do not develop any sense of courage. Staying stuck in fear is a sure way to avoid reaching your goals and dreams.

4. Worry about what other people think of you. After all, it would be a shame if you were to be your own person, make your own decisions, and live your own life. Be sure to let other people’s opinions, especially those closest to you, determine how you live your life.

3. Don’t plan how to do whatever it is you say you want to do. Just figure things out as you go along. Don’t sit down and decide how you will go about reaching your goals and don’t reach out to anyone else for help in making your plans. Just flying by the seat of your pants is a certain way to stay right where you are.

2. Make excuses for why you can’t succeed. As much as possible think of the ways it is not possible for you to succeed and then state them loudly and clearly as often as possible to as many people as will listen to you. People who fail are usually really committed to this.

1. Do nothing. Whine about how bad things are and continue to sit on the sidelines being jealous of the other people who are making efforts and changes in their lives. This is the single best way to sabotage any ideas you might have about improving your life.

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