To learn about the Guided Meditations:

Each guided meditative journey is intended to lead you through an experience that can support you in your life. It is important to listen actively and participate in the journey. Then you will reap the highest rewards possible. While being made, the audios were embedded with the intention that each of them serves the individuals who would experience them. You can listen many times and be supported in many different situations.

Please do not listen to them while driving, using machinery, or otherwise distracted. You deserve to give yourself an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes to enjoy the experience. Adding an additional 10 minutes afterwards to debrief or make notes is recommended.

Note: These journeys are not self-hypnosis or meditation. They are not intended to replace emotional or medical therapies. If you have physical or emotional issues you are encouraged to see an appropriate service provider.

These products are audio downloads only and are not available as physical CDs. They cannot be downloaded directly to your mobile device. Please download them to your computer first. Then move them to your mobile devices. All recordings are fully copyrighted by law with all rights being reserved by Krysta Gibson.

Why take a guided meditative journey?

Because such a journey allows you to relax, let go of cares and concerns, while your guide leads you to thoughts, feelings, and experiences that can help you create the life you envision. These guided journeys are mini-vacations where you can experience your good right now and then return to your daily life refreshed, renewed, energized, and inspired, ready to embody the best life possible!

Opening to Inspiration and Guidance


99¢ – MP3 Download  

Bring your topic or project and spend time in a cottage by the fireplace while rain falls outside punctuated with occasional rumbles of thunder. Receive inspirational messages, ideas, and impulses that you can act on in your life. Return to this magical place whenever you want an extra boost of guidance. (20 minutes)

Allowing_Money_To_FlowAllowing Money to Flow


99¢ – MP3 Download  

While in a relaxed state, experience the abundance of nature of which you are a part. Be transported to a place where money, ideas, and energy fall into you and outward to the entire world. Feel inspired and energized to open your mind and heart to the flow of all kinds of prosperity in your life. (20 minutes)

Removing-ObstaclesRemoving Obstacles from Your Path


FREE – MP3 Download

During this journey you will be guided down a path in a forest and you will face an obstacle. Using metaphor, a surprise helper will assist you in destroying the obstacle so you can move on. Guidance is given so you can apply this to various obstacles that might arise in your life. Music and sounds of a forest stream and birds chirping. (20 minutes)

I-ForgiveI Forgive


99¢ – MP3 Download

It is rare to make it through life without holding on to some sort of feelings of blame or anger towards people, situations, or ourselves. This journey gently guides you through the experience of letting go and being able to move on with greater freedom. The sounds of a flowing stream and chirping birds makes the experience relaxing and nourishing. (20 minutes)

Practicing-the-PresencePracticing the Presence


99¢ – MP3 Download

Many spiritual traditions teach the concept of practicing the Presence of God while one goes about their daily tasks. This audio helps the listener establish such a practice which can lead to greater joy while being grounded in one’s life. Music and sounds of a forest stream and birds chirping. (20 minutes)

I am a big fan of guided imagery and have even written a book on the topic. I have experienced many recordings for different purposes, and found that Krysta’s recordings have a unique tone of wonder and beauty embedded into every intentional word she speaks. She takes you on a journey into the realm of your consciousness through the conduit of a healing composition of sound. You will find it awe-inspiring and unraveling with revelations!.
–Deanna Minich, PhD,
author of The Complete Handbook of Quantum Healing

Journey to the Realm of the Masters


99¢ – MP3 Download

Allow yourself to be gently guided to a grand temple where you will meet and converse with a Master. You can ask questions of this Master and receive guidance and responses. Enjoy being with a group of masters who give you healing energy using the power of Aum. The experience is accompanied by music called The Ecstasy of Being by Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke. (20 minutes)

Business / Career Success Journey


99¢ – MP3 Download  

You are guided to the library of symbols where you meet and commune with two symbols who have information for you about your work. Be given ideas and inspiration that can help you move in the direction of your dreams. Whether you are an entrepreneur or employed by someone else, the Business/Career Success Journey can be used many times to help you succeed. The journey is accompanied by “The Ecstasy of Being” by Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. (20 minutes)

Attaining My Natural Body Size


99¢ – MP3 Download   

Your body has a size at which it is most comfortable and at which you can be your best self. This guided journey leads you to a stream in a magical forest where you meet a guide who helps you allow yourself to have this body. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, add muscle or greater definition to your body, this program can support your efforts. (20 minutes)

Healing-from-Abortion-for-WomenHealing From An Abortion


99¢ – MP3 Download

Having an abortion can leave holes in a woman’s heart long after it has happened. This journey leads you through an experience that helps to heal, release, and move forward in life. Music with sounds of soothing ocean waves. (20 minutes)

Krysta’s meditation tapes are like food for the Soul. Her soothing voice and music gently open the space for inner wisdom and peace to gracefully flow through.
–Brenda Michaels