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Each guided meditative journey is intended to lead you through an experience that can support you in your life. It is important to listen actively and participate in the journey. Then you will reap the highest rewards possible. While being made, the audios were embedded with the intention that each of them serves the individuals who would experience them. You can listen many times and be supported in many different situations.

Please do not listen to them while driving, using machinery, or otherwise distracted. You deserve to give yourself an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes to enjoy the experience. Adding an additional 10 minutes afterwards to debrief or make notes is recommended.

Note: These journeys are not self-hypnosis or meditation. They are not intended to replace emotional or medical therapies. If you have physical or emotional issues you are encouraged to see an appropriate service provider.

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magicality_coverOne of the things people ask me most often is, “How can I balance my spiritual life with living in today’s world?” It isn’t easy, that’s for sure.

My colleague, William Wittmann, and I were discussing this same topic a few months ago in a series of emails, and comparing notes about how we were both freeing ourselves by learning to live without goals. Each of us has been living a spiritual life in the “real world” for over 25 years, and in that time we’ve come up with a bounty of ways to find the magic in everyday life.

And at some point, one of us suggested that our strategies could really be helpful to others.

Listen to a sample:

We talked about doing a class, or a teleseminar, but realized that these days it can be difficult to find time to attend, and taking / giving classes can be costly.

Then we hit on an idea: William and I would hold a series of phone calls to discuss these topics, record them, and then offer them as a series of MP3 files.

Thus was born Living with Magicality.

These calls are now available to you as a collection of four MP3 files absolutely free.

Each call lasts for about 30 minutes and we talk about:

  • The Ordinary and The Sacred Ordinary
  • Emotional Healing and Spirituality
  • Living Without Goals
  • Practical Ways to Bring Magicality to Your Life

Download Living with Magicality – Absolutely FREE

You will also receive a complementary PDF giving you more information and resources.

This is the only time I have been involved in a project where I shared some of my own processes in the way I do here. Although it felt somewhat vulnerable to do, I am happy with the outcome. Those who listen to these conversations will hear a distillation of many years of spiritual work put forth by two people who do their best to walk their talk and now are willing to share some of the results with you.

Go here to download your program now and begin living your life of Magicality!

Krysta’s meditation tapes are like food for the Soul. Her soothing voice and music gently open the space for inner wisdom and peace to gracefully flow through.
–Brenda Michaels