To learn about the Guided Meditations:

Each guided meditative journey is intended to lead you through an experience that can support you in your life. It is important to listen actively and participate in the journey. Then you will reap the highest rewards possible. While being made, the audios were embedded with the intention that each of them serves the individuals who would experience them. You can listen many times and be supported in many different situations.

Please do not listen to them while driving, using machinery, or otherwise distracted. You deserve to give yourself an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes to enjoy the experience. Adding an additional 10 minutes afterwards to debrief or make notes is recommended.

Note: These journeys are not self-hypnosis or meditation. They are not intended to replace emotional or medical therapies. If you have physical or emotional issues you are encouraged to see an appropriate service provider.

These products are audio downloads only and are not available as physical CDs. They cannot be downloaded directly to your mobile device. Please download them to your computer first. Then move them to your mobile devices. All recordings are fully copyrighted by law with all rights being reserved by Krysta Gibson.

Five Ways to Be more Successful

It’s really easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of our lives Especially in these challenging times, we can get lost in our daily have-to lists. How about nurturing your life rather than being a taskmaster? Don’t you respond better when someone treats you well instead of just expecting you to perform all the time?

Care about your life or project – Love it!. Instead of seeing your project as something you have to work on every day, see it as something you have the honor of doing, the pleasure of doing.

Focus on how you want to serve in your life and give it energy in this direction. Instead of just focusing on what you want more of in your life, try to spend more of your time and energy focusing on those who want and need your services. Focus your energy on how you can better meet the needs of other people in your life. The more we send out, the more we get back.

Make small changes. When you feel your life has become stagnant it’s easy to think we need to do an entire overhaul and feel overwhelmed at the prospect. Sometimes all we need to do is make small changes. Something as simple as moving your furniture around can infuse you with new energy.

Be available to your own good. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking everyone knows what you are trying to accomplish when they don’t. Freshen up your plans and goals. Look at new avenues. What you are seeking is seeking you. Be in the place to have your good delivered to you! Some people like to say your good will fall into your lap – I say, yes, it can. But be sure your lap is in the right place when you good starts to appear!

Keep your sense of humor and balance. Are you smiling? Do you laugh at least once a day? Do you let yourself play at life as well as work at it? Keeping ourselves in balance is critical to our health, wellbeing, and spiritual growth.

Nurture your life and it will nurture you.

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