When doing a consultation, Krysta uses a variety of tools, including the ancient wisdom of the Tarot,  depending on the need of her client. After determining the issue at hand, Krysta uses a combination of spiritual tools and concepts as well as her intuitive abilities to assist the client in gaining clarity. Because of her incredibly diverse life and business experiences, clients find Krysta’s consultations practical, heart-centered, compassionate, and very insightful. 

Honoring all paths and belief systems, Krysta respects everyone regardless of: religious affiliations or lack thereof, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, age, philosophical ideation or world view.

Let Krysta help you:

  • Gain deeper perspective on your life situations
  • Attain greater clarity on decisions you need to make
  • Meet with your angels and guides
  • Perceive your larger soul-picture
  • Be seen, heard, and understood

Schedule a Consultation via phone, Zoom, or Skype

Payment is made through PayPal. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use the system. You can use your credit card.

You can ask whatever questions you like during your session. An MP3 recording of your session can be be emailed to you after the consultation or you can record the conversation yourself. Please advise in advance if you want the session recorded. 

Fee: $70 per 1/2 hour | $125 per hour

What is a tarot reading and what happens during a reading with Krysta? 

What is the tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards that represent every aspect of life: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional. The deck is divided into two arcanas (arcana means secret). The major arcana of 22 cards represent the archetypal energies we all contain. The rest of the cards, the minor arcana, represent how the 22 archetypes are played out in our lives.

The tarot’s history is not totally clear but the best information we have right now is that it began being used in the mid 1400’s. Some people use the tarot as a psychic tool and others use it as a spiritual growth tool. There are many different decks and books available offering a myriad of ways to look at and use these cards.

What is my history with the tarot?

I have been using and studying the tarot since the mid-1980’s. Many tarot books and decks have been and are in my possession. I studied for ten years with the Builders of the Adytum, a mystery school based on the study of the tarot and Kabbalah. My book, 22 Steps to Success, published in English and in Spanish, is a series of essays inspired by the major arcana.

My primary use of the tarot has been as a spiritual tool; a way to contact and communicate with my higher self, angels, guides, teachers, and masters. Do I need the cards for such communication? No. Using the cards, however, allows contact with a larger pool of knowledge, inspiration, and spiritual guidance. The tarot also makes learning and growing spiritually a lot of fun. 

What happens when I read the cards for others?

Once your appointment has been set, I will energetically place you on my altar where I pray for you daily. Immediately prior to our session, I will pull one card from the deck to show me the primary energy we’ll be dealing with. I set this card aside where I can see it during the reading. This is my way of ensuring I am in touch with guidance for you. Invariably within the first ten minutes of the session I receive validation. I usually share this at the end of the reading.

Once we are together, we center ourselves and ask for guidance and assistance from our guides, teachers, and masters.

Next, I will ask you to tell me what you want to get out of the session. Once I feel we are both clear, which could involve my asking clarifying questions, I begin selecting cards… or should I say they volunteer themselves to be selected. When I do this, it is with the realization that the reading may or may not directly respond to the person’s question or issue. Sometimes, there is something else more pressing that needs to be dealt with first. If the cards do not seem to respond to the question, you and I look into why this could be.

There are many spreads or ways to lay out the cards that tarot readers can use. Rarely do I use a set spread. I might draw as few as three cards during a reading or as many as 10-12. It truly depends on your needs and what sort of information comes through.

My readings are very interactive and individualized. I depend on my clients’ willingness to delve into their issues for the greatest clarity to emerge on their behalf. It is not uncommon for us to come up with a plan of action related to their issue.

Are you psychic and are these psychic readings?

No, I do not consider myself psychic and I don’t do psychic readings. Generally, psychics are gifted to see such things as the location of  missing people or objects, or to offer predictions of future events.

I am very intuitive and because of my longtime work with the tarot cards and their imagery, I am able to tell you about energies that are present in your life, even if these energies are unseen by you. During a session, I do share such energetic information as it exists at the time. We discuss what sort of actions you might want to take. The future, however, is very much up to you and the choices you make. 

If, during a reading, you don’t like the way the energies are stacking up for you, we can ask for guidance about how to change the directions of the energies so you can enjoy a different outcome. Your destiny is always in your hands and you always have choices. The future is never set in stone.

• • •

You have helped me so, so much! You have been such a wonderful mentor in my life and I appreciate you more than you know! –C.M., Washington State

• • •

Krysta, your ideas and advice have given me a new way of life. Now I can work from home, make a comfortable living, and every day deepen my skills doing what I love to do. But best of all, I get to carry a spirit of joy forward to my clients (the same way you do)! There are no words to tell you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me.
— Rhonda Dicksion, Indigo Dog Design,

• • •

Thank you, Krysta. I am certainly grateful that you’ve come into my life. Not only have you helped me to get my presence established in our community as a healer, but I also realize that you’ve helped in many other ways. Thank you. Also, I want to thank you again for the great inspirational / motivational CD that you gifted me with at my first Chamber meeting. I listen to it when I need motivation and I am amazed at the miracles that it brings out of the universe and into my life.
— Patrick Martin, Jr., Tacoma, WA

• • •

“Thanks so much for your time this morning. You were so helpful and what I appreciate more than anything is honesty. I know how to attend to my own inner voice and will always listen to it first but I still need others to be straight with me and call it like it is. I respect and appreciate this from you. I will do some more searching and planning and will no doubt connect with you again next month!”

• • •

“Thank you Krysta, you’ve given me exactly what I needed. I’m starting to work with your suggestions and will definitely get in touch if I have any questions. :)”

• • •

Thanks to the team who have been providing positive thoughts in the New Spirit Journal. I’m glad that I was able to get on your mailing list and I’ve received much inspiration from having made this online contact with your site. I too wish all of you the very best and here’s to each of us remaining in touch with our guardian angels throughout this next year.  

Krysta’s meditation tapes are like food for the Soul. Her soothing voice and music gently open the space for inner wisdom and peace to gracefully flow through.
–Brenda Michaels