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Here’s an interesting stone I’ve been using

Some days, I pull a card from Judy Hall’s Crystal Wisdom Oracle asking what stone’s energy could be most helpful to me that day or for a particular issue I’m dealing with. A few months ago when I did this, I pulled the stone purpurite. Even though I’ve had the deck for awhile, this was a card I hadn’t pulled before. The key message was “the curse clearer.” Really? Am I cursed?

“Old habits and patterns, including those inherited from ancestors, may keep you mired in the past. Subtle energetics of ancient curses or ill-wishing could be affecting you. These may be personal or passed down through the family line. You may be open to mental influences from others….the past creates the present but the past can be repaired and the present healed.”

In her encyclopedia of stones, Judy Hall adds that “…it increases alertness and receptivity to guidance and new ideas,” among other things.

Okay, I don’t really believe in curses. I believe they work only when the recipient of the curse believes in the curse and causes the harm to themselves. However, when I read the part about the ancestors, I got chills. I know very little about my ancestors. My parents were very secretive about their family histories and I never met any of my grandparents. I had been getting other messages about ancestors recently and even had my DNA done by I learned I’m 33% Irish!

Although we can work with a photo of a stone or even just the name of the stone, I decided to get a piece of purpurite and went searching. I found a really nice piece on Etsy, ordered it and have been working with it for about two months. It came from India, but I learned that a lot of purpurite comes from Namibia, South Africa – why that matters has to do with some Brandberg amethyst I have been working with and needs to be a different post!

I love how it reminds me of the Tower card in the Tarot. It looks like lightening striking during the night. I plan to make it into a pendant once I find the right finding. For now, I wear it in a pouch around my neck or carry it in my pocket.

Do I feel a curse has been lifted? Have I had new ideas? Am I more alert? Well, yes, I would say so. What’s really interesting is I became aware of a gift someone had given me quite a few years ago. A gift that has been in my bedroom for years and which I see daily. Every time I see it, I think of this person. Long story, but they rejected me a few years after giving me the gift. The friendship ended on a sour note. This person believes in curses and has been known to place them on people. OMG, as they say – I had to get rid of this gift.

I also realized I had been holding on to a handmade clock that belonged to my brother who passed away over 10 years ago. Although I love him dearly and we still talk through the ethers, I realized that every time I see this clock I feel sad about the way my brother’s life turned out.

Both of these items took a trip to the Goodwill where someone else can give them new life and a new home. Will this affect me in a positive way? Although I can’t be sure, it does feel right to let go of them and everything they represent. Whether or not there has been a curse placed on me or my family, I honestly don’t know and prefer to think not. I do know, however, that working with the energy of purpurite has been and continues to be a very elevating experience. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

When you need to get something done, grab this stone!

Since releasing my online video course The Magic of Crystals, people have been wanting to know more about how I use my various crystals and stones. In the course, I talk about (and show) some of the stones I use and I also give a list of beginning, intermediate and advanced stones. I have decided to share more about my personal uses here in this blog.

The day before the July 4th holiday, I had a lot to get done if I wanted to give myself the day off. Even though I’m an entrepreneur with my own business, I schedule days off for myself just as if I were an employee of mine. I’m not always a good boss to myself and sometimes I work days I really should take off. That’s another topic for another day.

Because I knew I had to get a lot done, I put on my vanadinite pendant and earrings. When I need to get something done or when I need to be really creative, this is the stone I use. 

In The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall says vanadinite is good for calming the mind during meditation and for reaching goals, among other things. In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons says vanadinite can be used for “accomplishment of work, stamina, grounding, creativity, discipline, and linking to earth energies.”

When I wear this stone, I feel more focused and able to concentrate better on whatever I’m doing. Truthfully, I am a pretty focused person anyway, but with vanadinite I become a laser beam. There isn’t any sense of being frazzled or rushed at all. In fact, I move in a very stable way and I get a lot accomplished.

Give this stone a try. And, remember, you don’t have to buy every stone you learn about. You can also work with photos of the stones. I know, that sounds a bit crazy, but a lot of things having to do with the rock people seem a little crazy. I always say to give something a try before you knock it!

If you haven’t taken my course on crystals and you’re interested in rocks and stones, here’s the link again – it will let you have the course for only $9.99 instead of $19.99! Enjoy the rocks – there’s magic to be had if only you’re open to it! 

Until the next time – blessings flowing your way, Krysta

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