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Are you living an audacious life?

From a young age, I learned to love words. After all, my mother introduced me to Charles Dickens when I was only six or seven years old. The dictionary was never far away when I was growing up. 

In my freshman year in high school, my homeroom teacher would write 10 words on the blackboard every day. With each word, she wrote the meaning and a sentence using the word. We copied the words down and learned them. Then every Friday, we had a test – and it could be on any of the words we had learned to date, not just on the new 50 words.

I loved this class and had a spiral notebook filled with luscious words I could sprinkle into my conversations. Even today when I see a word I don’t know or one I haven’t seen in awhile, I perk up. That’s what happened this week.

First, I was reading a newsletter written by John Price of the Quartus Foundation. He used the word audacious. I almost swooned. What a delicious word I forgot I knew. A few days later I was reading something written by Paramhansa Yogananda and there it was again: audacious! The same word twice in one week. Oh, my!

The dictionary says audacious means “fearlessly, often recklessly daring, bold, adventurous, brave, unrestrained by convention or propriety, spirited and original…” Right away I thought, “I have to share this with others and ask them…

“Are you living an audacious life?”

Truthfully, living anything but such a life is a waste of an incarnation. Too often, we are shy and timid, afraid to step into the reality of who we truly are. Too often we fear upsetting someone else or not living up to other people’s expectations. You live audaciously without being rude or uncaring to the people in your life. The truth is if someone loves and respects you, they want you to live a fulfilling life.

There’s no better time than right now to make the decision to live an audacious life.

Be willing to step out in confidence and do the things you really want to do. Be bold, adventurous, and brave. Stop waiting for other people’s permission to do what you came here to do. Decide on your course of action. Map out a plan. And then go for it. None of us knows how long we have to be on this wonderful planet so waiting for things to be perfect before we act makes no sense at all.

Sure, you might fail. Just like many others, I’ve failed tons of times – and I learned something from each failure that helped me succeed the next time. Fear of failure is probably the most pernicious attitudes anyone can have so let it go.

Declare for yourself: I am living an audacious life filled with wonder, love, and success.

Then do it!