To learn about the Guided Meditations:

Each guided meditative journey is intended to lead you through an experience that can support you in your life. It is important to listen actively and participate in the journey. Then you will reap the highest rewards possible. While being made, the audios were embedded with the intention that each of them serves the individuals who would experience them. You can listen many times and be supported in many different situations.

Please do not listen to them while driving, using machinery, or otherwise distracted. You deserve to give yourself an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes to enjoy the experience. Adding an additional 10 minutes afterwards to debrief or make notes is recommended.

Note: These journeys are not self-hypnosis or meditation. They are not intended to replace emotional or medical therapies. If you have physical or emotional issues you are encouraged to see an appropriate service provider.

These products are audio downloads only and are not available as physical CDs. They cannot be downloaded directly to your mobile device. Please download them to your computer first. Then move them to your mobile devices. All recordings are fully copyrighted by law with all rights being reserved by Krysta Gibson.

Monthly Archives: March 2013

Five Ways to Be more Successful

It’s really easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of our lives Especially in these challenging times, we can get lost in our daily have-to lists. How about nurturing your life rather than being a taskmaster? Don’t you respond better when someone treats you well instead of just expecting you to perform all the time? Continue reading

An all-encompassing affirmation

When I first learned about affirmations I got frustrated. People would give me an affirmation for this and another one for that. Before I knew it I had 10 different affirmations going on. How was I supposed to focus on anything? I figured there had to be one affirmation I could use that would cover everything. I asked a teacher about this but he said he didn’t know about such an affirmation. Continue reading

Everything in my consciousness is in Divine Order


Nothing is left out. All aspects, levels and degrees of life as experienced by you are included – just as everything is included in the Mind of God. Spiritual understanding, mental clarity, emotional wellness, physical health and function, loving relationships and steady unfoldment in the direction of the fulfillment of destiny are all included. Continue reading

Are you living an audacious life?

From a young age, I learned to love words. After all, my mother introduced me to Charles Dickens when I was only six or seven years old. The dictionary was never far away when I was growing up.  Continue reading

Do you need to surrender?

Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest have had some lessons in surrender lately. Where I live, we have had over 12” of snow in the last two days and there is a new storm on its way with even more snow. Because we don’t get a lot of snow, things get pretty crazy here when it does snow. Not only do many people not know how to drive in snow, we don’t have great snow removal equipment. Things can, and do, get pretty messy. Continue reading

Krysta’s Top Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Success

(Written in the spirit of David Letterman’s Top Ten Lists!)

10. Do not change any of your habits. Are your habits helping you or hurting you? In order to make the changes you say you want in your life, it might be necessary to make adjustments to your habitual way of doing things. If you really want to sabotage your success, stay attached to the way you do things now and refuse to change any of your habits. Continue reading